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Caroline Moments

Celebrating A World Of Tender, Loving Stupid

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Ben: So, Yoko met John Lennon at a show in-
Melissa: Hey, is John Lennon still alive?
Class: *gawks and laughs and points and such*
Ben: Umm, no... John Lennon was assassinated in 1980.
Melissa: Well I didn't know!
Ben: *continues with his presentation*
Melissa: He was one of the Beatles, right?

Sometimes, the people you love and respect say very very very very very very very stupid things.
Sometimes, the people you don't love and respect say very very very very very very very stupid things.
carolinemoments is a place to laugh, either at or with, both kinds.

- Make sure your Caroline Moment is either funny, frightening, or mind-bogglingly dumb. "That idiot in my Political Science class doesn't even know what the capital of Yugoslavia is called!" isn't really a Caroline Moment. ("That idiot in my Political Science class thought that Yugoslavia was a kind of iced dessert!", however, definitely is.)
- Do not flame. It's in bad taste.
- Do not spam. It's also in bad taste.
- You might fit in better here if you know ishyface or caroline31 in real life. Not that that's a rule, as such. Just a thought.
- Do not touch the monkey.
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